Exhibit Honors Thomas Heatherwick, The Mad Scientist Of British Design

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is set to open a retrospective on the studio of Thomas Heatherwick, one of the most exciting British designers alive today.

Heatherwick has made a name for himself manipulating materials in all sorts of strange, seductive ways. He’s built everything from tin-foil huts to a half-brilliant-half-terrifying Pinhead-shaped pavilion to a bridge that curls up like an extra-slow slap bracelet.

Now, for the first time, we’ll get to see all his wild ideas together in one place–plus learn how the studio actually executes this stuff. (Seriously, how do you fabricate a giant Pinhead? We’re dying to know.) Unfortunately, Heatherwick Studio: Designing the Extraordinary doesn’t open until May. So here’s a little preview to whet your appetite.

[Images courtesy of the V&A]