No, No, No Joke: This Lamp Looks Just Like Amy Winehouse

Here’s something to put up in the living room, right below your hip-swiveling Elvis clock and alongside your roulette ball made from strands of Michael Jackson’s hair: a lamp in the likeness of Amy Winehouse.

And not some weird bobble-head lamp. A designy lamp. A lamp that costs $740 to $1,500, depending on size (!).

I know what you’re thinking: What would Amy Winehouse have had in common with a prim, pricey little lamp (besides being totally lit)? Nothing. But what does Michael Jackson have to do with roulette (besides watching his fortune dry up over the bouncing of little balls)? The memorabilia industry works in strange ways.

Anyway! As dead-singer tributes go, this one–from Portugual-based Delightfull–is classier than most. You’ll note that they have given us thin, shiny, beehive-happy Amy. Amy plated in gold! Pre-Blake Fielder-Civil Amy! Not cracked-out, scratched-up, fake-booby-wielding post-Blake Fielder-Civil Amy. I mean, the designers could’ve gone really literal here and memorialized her with a bottle of booze or something, right? But that’d be gross. Straight-up tacky. No one ever would do that.

“Amy” is available as a floor or table lamp, with chrome or gold plating. Contact the studio for more info.

[Images courtesy of Delightfull]