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Wanted: A Kiln-Fired Growler For The Coolest Beer Geeks

Hand-crafted by the Portland Growler Company, these jugs are made from local clay, instead of the usual brown glass.

Wanted: A Kiln-Fired Growler For The Coolest Beer Geeks

The growler is the beer-geek accessory of the moment. The refillable jug keeps beer fresh from the tap for days–the perfect solution for persnickety imbibers who prefer to savor their favorite microbrews at home. And now those same aficionados can tote a container befitting their discerning tastes: a slipcast ceramic bottle that perfectly complements their perfectly faded A.P.C. jeans.

Made by the Portland Growler Company, these gorgeous carriers were conceived by seven ceramic artists as an ode to American folk pottery, particularly the Kentucky bourbon jug. But their forms are quite modern, with handle options including a sprocket-like handle, a nod to the city’s famous bike culture, and loop handles, inspired by climbing gear. The growlers are made locally in Portland.

Currently, they’re available in a 64-ounce size with a rubber-sealed flip-top lid and in gloss white, matte black, or satin gray; a 32-ounce version will be introduced in the spring. Buy yours here for $64.

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