Infographic Of The Day: A Map Using Only Famous Streets From Songs

Here’s a clever new poster for music freaks to nerd out on: a sprawling street map, by the British design collective Dorothy, made up entirely of geographically minded song titles.

Like a real city map, it details both the places that are lovably familiar, from “Highway to Hell” to “Penny Lane” to “Heartbreak Hotel,” and those you’d rather avoid. “Remember Love House by Samantha Fox?” the designers say. “Probably best forgotten.”

Persnickety types might take issue with the map’s organization, which seems to flout all conventions of music snobbery. To wit: Shouldn’t “Penny Lane” intersect somehow with “Strawberry Fields Forever”? And what is “Cry Me a River” doing anywhere near “Highway 61 Revisited”?

“There is no real order,” Dorothy’s Ali Johnson tells Co.Design. “Other than that really seminal songs tend to appear as main routes or places befitting their importance. I suppose the map grew like some of our cities and towns: a little haphazardly.”

Song Map is available as a limited-edition litho print for 100 pounds (about $155) or an open-edition poster for 20 pounds (about $31). Buy it here.SL