Jasper Morrison, Master Of Minimalism, Picks 150 Of His Favorite Things

Jasper Morrison is one Britain’s preeminent product designers and perhaps one of just 10 people on earth who can actually get excited about a stool. This particular stool, Poul Kjærholm’s Foldestol, has a deceptively simple, twisted steel base that evenly supports a sitter’s weight. Designed nearly 50 years ago, it neatly epitomizes the timeless appeal of Danish design.

It’s also featured alongside about 150 other objects in a quirky exhibit at the Design Museum Denmark. Danish Design – I like It! Jasper Morrison is exactly what it sounds like: a show dedicated to Danish things that Morrison likes.

That might sound pretty indulgent–the equivalent of letting an actor direct a drama just because he’s starred in a few blockbusters. But Morrison’s love of Danish design runs deep; it even inspired his career choice. ”I am preoccupied by the beauty as well as the quality of Danish design–this means both its physical and its aesthetic qualities,” he says. “The shapes represent the humane and the generous, which to me symbolizes Danish design.”

As the show makes clear, he doesn’t just spring for the sexy stuff: the Georg Jensen silverware, the Poul Henningsen lamp, the Arne Jacobsen Egg chair that dots every mildly hip hotel lobby east of the Atlantic. Morrison also takes care to highlight quotidian objects that Danes might’ve had at home 40 years ago, or still have today, from dining chairs and pots to vacuum cleaners, and yes, folding stools. “To Morrison the most essential quality of design is its ability to help create the framework for everyday life,” the museum writes on its website. Above, we’ve got a selection of objects, which to Morrison’s expert eye, do precisely that.

The exhibit closes December 30. More info here.

[Images via the Design Museum Denmark; hat tip to Design Milk]SL