• 12.28.11

Gorgeous Photos Capture Mundane Beauty Of Childhood And Suburbs

Andrew B. Myers’s photos will make you long for the perfect childhood you never had.

Beautiful photos here by Andrew B. Myers. Myers is a Canadian photographer who snaps pictures of the sort of quotidian stuff old people (like us!) equate with fond childhood memories, from hamburgers and Popsicles to swimming pools and baseball games. The compositions are crisp as hell, and the color palette’s full of bleached-out sherbets that have a seductive, pastel-y nostalgic effect. If we had to hang these up in an art museum, we’d place them somewhere between the bubblegum ball machines of Wayne Thiebaud and the meticulous suburban landscapes of Robert Bechtle.


Myers prefers to keep mum on how he works: “I don’t reveal too much about my technique,” he says. But he does tell us this, in an email: “I find subjects everywhere from the garbage to craigslist, and I usually have something specific in mind beforehand. I tend to shoot a lot in the studio, but if the time of day matters, I like sunny days in noon light a lot.” And the pastel-y nostalgic effect? That, he says, is “usually achieved with pastel colours =).”

[Images via Andrew B. Myers]

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