• 01.03.12

An Awesomely Complex Kite That Looks Like A Pyrite Crystal

The sky-skimming architectural marvel took nine months to build.

No matter your age, there’s something wondrous in getting a kite to take flight. So imagine the buoyant delight of getting a seven-foot cubic kite off the ground (or, in this case, two of them strung together with a smaller one). That was the feat of Ivan Morison and Sash Reading, who conceived and designed, respectively, the Bucky-esque masterpiece and took it for a test flight in Jersey, England.


Called “Three Cubes Colliding,” the kite is made of aerospace fabric and 1,700 3-D printed connectors and, Reading tells Co.Design, was inspired by the tetrahedral kite experiments of Alexander Graham Bell and the mineral structure of pyrite. It took the production studio Queen and Crawford nine months to engineer and construct the kite by hand. Sure beats Ben Franklin’s stick-and-paper model.

[Photos by Matthew Porteous; drawing by Emily Thurlow]

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