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Artist Fills L.A. Library With Lovely Ghost Trees

Artist Davd Wiseman draws inspiration from L.A.'s indigenous sycamores. (Yes, L.A. has trees!)

Artist Fills L.A. Library With Lovely Ghost Trees

Los Angeles designer David Wiseman won a commission recently to erect a public art installation at a freshly built library in West Hollywood. His idea: Give the branch, well, new branches.

Platanus bibliotechalis features stark white tree trunks that climb some 60 feet up and around the library’s soaring interior stairwell. Cast in porcelain from sycamore bark, they represent a made-up species inspired by L.A.’s indigenous sycamores, some of which grow in a nearby park.

The trees are designed to usher the outdoors ins—to, as the press release says, create "a link between the park… and the library itself." Guess that’s how L.A. likes its nature: fake, sterile, and generously air-conditioned.

[Hat tip to Frame; images by Mark Hanauer]