• 01.04.12

Tjep Creates A Restaurant Decor Inspired By Rail Dining Cars

It’s themed, not theme-park-y.

Themed interiors always carry the risk of being cheesy. But Tjep’s design for Fabbrica, an upscale pizzeria in Bergen, the Netherlands, manages to be cute without crossing into cutesy by creating dining booths that resemble train dining cars. Customers climb a tiny stepladder (there’s a pipe supporting the table that doubles as a handrail) and into quaint plywood cubbies, which are elevated above the floor to suggest motion.


“We like the concept for its intimacy and romanticism,” Tjep Principal Frank Tjepkema tells Co.Design. “There is nothing more relaxing and engaging then enjoying a nice dinner on a train while looking at nice landscapes.” To heighten the ambiance, small chandeliers hang from recesses in the ceiling. Other touches include a Bisazza-tiled pizza oven and a whimsical wall display of stacked wood, which is used to fuel the oven, as well as electrical outlets, which are used to power the rest of the joint.

With splotches of colors, whimsical nods, and natural materials, Tjep managed to create a warm, lively décor that is fun without being ostentatious. “It’s not time for bling-bling anymore,” Tjepkema says. “People want more authenticity than entertainment.”

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Belinda Lanks is the editorial director of Co.Design. Before joining, she was the managing editor of Metropolis.