Simple Genius: Ultra-Thin Lamp Pops Up From A Sheet Of Steel

The fewer materials you use to make a product, the better. That’s a basic tenet of green design. But it’s tough to cut fat: Take a lamp, which generally has a bulb, a base, a neck, a shade, and all the fittings in between–each its own little environmental horror.

Which is what makes Flaca, an LED lamp by the Mexican designers Masiosare Studio, so smart. “Flaca” means skinny in Spanish, and it certainly lives up to its name: It’s a flat 6-ounce slab of steel that’s pre-cut to fold out, like a pop-up card, into a full-blown table lamp.

The bulb sticks permanently to the head with what the designers call “auto-adhesive tape” (tape-on bulbs, that’s a new one!). And the height can be customized by adjusting the creases in the neck. The whole package ships flat in 100% recyclable cardboard, which reduces both shipping costs and environmental impact.

Yes, yes, we know. The most eco-friendly lamp is the one you already own. But if you happen to be in dire need of a new one, you could do worse than Flaca. As lamps go, skinny really is better.

Masiosare’s Eduardo Meza Flaca tells Co.Design that Flaca has been selected as part of a project called Destination: Mexico, which will open at MoMA this spring. The lamp will be available at MoMA’s NYC stores and online starting in April. The price has yet to be determined.

[Images via Masiosare Studio]SL