Oh Hell No: 12 Iconic Logos Redrawn Using Comic Sans

Comic Sans is fine for some things: talk balloons, babies, missives from bitchy NBA owners. But as the logo of a multi-billion-dollar international corporation? Just a guess here, but I’m thinking most of you would say, “God no.”

Not Cephalization. The French design studio fancies itself “Comic Sans defenders” and, to that end, has devised a larky Tumblr that recasts famous logos in, yup, Comic Sans. So far, they’ve CSified–whether on their own or through guest contributions–McDonald’s, Burger King, YouTube, Google, HP, Samsung, Target, Jack Daniel’s, H&M, M&M’s, NASA, Nintendo, Atari, Kodak, MTV, Durex, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, among many others. And they’re not even close to done. Their goal, according to designer Florian Amoneau, is “turn the whole world into Comic Sans.”

Why? Why, why, why? Amoneau admits that Comic Sans is crap. “It’s childish, dumb, and wrongly drawn,” he tells Co.Design. “But we wanted to show that when a font is well-used, it could be pretty too. Even if it’s with Comic Sans.”

He’s right–about some of them, anyway. Durex, itself no stranger to provocative typographic treatments, doesn’t look half bad rendered in Comic Sans. Nor does Google, perhaps because of its color palette, which already has the whiff of arrested adolescence. MTV works (again with the arrested adolescence). So does Disney, though we imagine Disney himself would’ve hated it since the existing wordmark’s styled after his elegant signature.

Not to worry, old Walt. The Comic Sans Project is strictly hypothetical. What we’re far more concerned about is the specter of a sibling blog. Perhaps one promoting–gasp!–Papyrus? “No way,” Amoneau says. “Even if we love lost causes, Papyrus is apocalyptical.”

More logos here.

[Images courtesy of Cephalization]