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Wanted: A Lamp That Looks Like Campfire Logs

Designer of the moment Rafael deCárdenas creates a fine substitute for a working fireplace.

Wanted: A Lamp That Looks Like Campfire Logs

On a bone-chilling winter day, few activities compare to huddling around a crackling fireplace. For those of us who live in cramped urban apartments, Rafael deCárdenas has delivered the next best thing to a working hearth: a sculptural light composed of stacked, glowing "logs."

It’s an unusually craft-y look for the New York–based designer, who’s known for his retro postmodern aesthetic. For Firewood Lights, he hired a local carpenter to construct faceted plywood logs, each containing its own light source. Stacked on top of each other, they appear to be an abstract facsimile of a lit fireplace. But such craftsmanship comes at a whopping $4,500 (contact Johnson Trading Gallery for more info). Sadly, most of us will have to continue to settle for a clanking radiator and a TV hearth.

[Images © Connie Zhou]