Six Gorgeous Vases That Are Part Poetry, Part Disco

Giorgia Zanellato plays with mirrors to display flowers from different angles.

When it came to vases, I was always thought a good rule of thumb is the less obtrusive, the better. No man-made creation can rival Nature’s beauty, so why should a vase make the pretense of upstaging its flowers? These six examples, by Giorgia Zanellato, not only kowtow to their floral contents, they magnify their beauty using the simple optical trick of mirrored surfaces.


Appropriately called Narciso (Italian for Narcissus), the collection, made from glass and mirrored stainless steel, investigates the dramatic effect of reflective surfaces–from a flat backdrop of stainless to a multifaceted, curved hood. “In this way, each vase shows flowers from a different point of view,” the Venice-based designer writes. The best part: They lend a single stem the visual punch of an entire bouquet.

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