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Wanted: A Desk Lamp Made Of Recycled Egg Cartons

Victor Vetterlein wants you to trash his lamp. How do we know? For starters, he named it Trash Me.

Wanted: A Desk Lamp Made Of Recycled Egg Cartons

Add this to the list of "cool stuff designers can do with crap you’d normally toss in the recycling bin": Turn egg cartons into stylish little lamps.

That’s how Brooklyn designer Victor Vetterlein made Trash Me, a desk lamp for the Danish furniture company &Tradition. First, he hand-molded paper pulp from recycled egg cartons. Then he fastened together the pieces with aluminum screws and weighted the base with wood recycled from the furniture industry.

The lamp won’t last forever—it’s only paper, after all—but that’s the point: Thanks to the proliferation of cheap, readily available household goods (at places like Ikea and Target), people blow through furniture as if it were a box of Ho Hos.

From a sustainability perspective, then, one of the few things designers can do is make their products as seductively recyclable as possible. That’s why Vetterlein designed the lamp to be easily taken apart and transformed into something else. Egg-carton flower pots, anyone?

Buy the lamp for $99.95 at the MoMA Design Store.