Why Not: Here’s Luxury Packaging Designed For Rehab Drugs

Your skin remedies come in swish packaging. So why not your methadone?

That’s the needling idea behind Habit, a concept by recent d-school grad Morey Talmor for stashing rehab substances in slick black bottles and syringes that wouldn’t look out of place at the MAC counter (but would look terribly out of place at your local methadone clinic). “[Addiction drugs] are almost never really ‘designed’ and like most prescription drugs have a pretty unappealing generic look,” Talmor tells Co.Design. “So I felt they could be re-imagined in a way that hasn’t been done yet.”

Now before you get all Nancy Reagan on us, know this: Talmor doesn’t really think drug companies should market Suboxone, TA-CD, and the like as if they’re high-end perfume (though we’d be surprised if the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t thought of that). He’s mocking both the beauty industry, which will throw just about anything into a sexy bottle and call it a miracle cure, and the romanticization of drug abuse, which always manages to gloss over that niggling “abuse” part.

As he tells it: “There is often this ridiculous rock star-like glamour associated with drug use and it seemed interesting to me to kinda’ turn things around and give the other part of drug use–the rehabilitation part, which can be quite rough, sad, and unappealing–that glitzy glamour and luxury.”

[Images courtesy of Morey Talmor; hat tip to The Dieline]SL