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A Seat Made From Hand-Folded Sheets Of Paper

Think of it as an M. C. Escher drawing in 3-D.

A Seat Made From Hand-Folded Sheets Of Paper

Cecilie Manz is a demi-goddess of product design: She may lack the name recognition of Patricia Urquiola or Hella Jongerius, but the Dane’s varied output is consistently (and understatedly) first rate. Take, for instance, her design of the Beolit 12, Bang & Olufsen’s handsome wireless speaker that can be toted around by its leather strap. Rounding out her portfolio are limited-edition pieces like this one: a sculptural seat made from elaborately folded sheets of paper.

The stool, appropriately called Lots of Paper, is an exploration of tessellated structures, repeated patterns that fascinated the likes of M. C. Escher. Intended as an art piece, it only supports up to 66 pounds and takes approximately two days (and saint-like patience) to construct.

[Photos by Jeppe Gudmundsen]

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