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Infographic of the Day

Infographic Of The Day: 2011's Biggest Internet Events

The London agency Syzygy weaves together 20 seminal happenings into one graphic puzzle.

The folks at the London-based "ideas agency" Syzygy just sent us this illustration by their creative director, Peter Jaworowski, of the "20 greatest, funniest and most insane internet events from 2011." Here’s the thing: You have to guess what they are by decoding the visual clues.

Last year, players puzzled out 19 of 20 seminal Web happenings; this year, Syzygy hopes we’ll crack them all and will be leaking (ahem) hints on Twitter in the coming days. (Tweet a link to the picture using the hashtag #20things and you’ll be automatically entered to win a limited-edition print of the poster.) So go tackle the mystery with the tenacity of a honey badger. Good luck!

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