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Wanted: Twist, A Flat And Balloon Whisk In One

Joseph Joseph creates a dual-purpose kitchen tool that also solves an age-old storage problem.

Wanted: Twist, A Flat And Balloon Whisk In One

The balloon whisk is a trusty tool for whipping egg whites into fluffy peaks. But its bulbous shape—too wide for most kitchen drawers—also makes it a pain to store. Joseph Joseph, a British housewares company, solves the problem with Twist, a whisk that flattens with a twist of its handle.

But that’s not all, ladies and gentlemen: If you’re handy in the kitchen, you’ll also appreciate the two-in-one feature: as a flat whisk, Twist is perfect for mixing sauces in low pans or for making gravy in roasting trays. Its silicone-coated steel wires (which come apart for easy cleaning) are safe on nonstick cookware. Buy it for $10 here.