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No Joke: Bertjan Pot Serves Up A Chair Made From Tennis Nets

Consider the tennis net: It can withstand rain, sun, sleet, and snow. It can withstand country-club tennis hacks falling artlessly into it and the stunning whacks of overcompetitive, ill-tempered children. In short, it’s the perfect material for a high-end outdoor chair.

That chair appeared at IMM Cologne earlier this month. Designed by Dutch wunderkind Bertjan Pot, Tie-Break (nice) features a bolt of tennis netting folded over rolled steel legs and, oddly enough, seatbelts around the edges. It’s as if someone lobbed a car seat into the net, and it just stuck. A gimmick? In a way, yeah. But there’s a reason Pot built the chair the way he did:

"Many items of garden furniture require cushions to be comfortable enough to sit on and can, therefore, only remain outside during periods of good weather," the manufacturer Richard Lampert says in press materials. "Not so Tie-Break: The seat is made of tennis netting, with edging made from safety belts. The result is an extremely comfortable outdoor chair that needs no additional cushions and does not have to be taken inside when it’s raining: It can simply stay outside the whole year round."

A bonus: You can always use it to practice your serves.

[Images courtesy of Richard Lampert; hat tip to MoCo Loco]