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QuickFix Mudguards Attach In A Jiffy, And Fold Flat

Full Windsor's origami-like fender protects your ass on an as-needed basis.

QuickFix Mudguards Attach In A Jiffy, And Fold Flat

If you’re a fair-weather cyclist, read no further. If, however, a little rain doesn’t deter you from taking to the road, a rear mudguard is the must-have accessory for keeping your backside dry. One of the cleverest designs we’ve come across is Full Windsor’s Quickfix, which can be swiftly attached (and removed) with a couple of snaps—no tools required.

Just fold the fender into shape, then wrap the fasteners around the seat stays and tube and clip them in place. It stores flat, so you can tote it in your bag for the next rainy day. (Bike enthusiasts might find Quickfix reminiscent of an earlier design from Wit Industries called the Fendor Bendor, which attaches to the seat tube.) Buy one here for $21.