A Ski Lodge Should Be Cozy. But Sexy? Why Not?

Alpine chalets are supposed to be aggressively quaint. You know the look, with the wood logs and the cowbells hanging everywhere.

Chalet Béranger, by Parisian designer and interior architect Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, appears plenty traditional on the outside. But step inside, and it’s like being teleported to Lenny Kravitz’s loft in TriBeCa.

It has expansive concrete floors and a dramatic steel staircase, complete with industrial lights dangling in the stairwell. It has a designated game room and a 200-square-foot “Jacuzzi area” covered in Vals quartzite stone. Duchaufour-Lawrance’s own futuristic furniture dots the rooms as does a clutch of customized pieces. In one room, you’ve got a bed that floats in mid-air (!); in another, a suspended metal fireplace, which, incidentally, looks like a teleportation device.

It’s probably not the world’s coziest chalet. (Do you really want to warm your hands over something that may or may not launch you into intergalactic space?) But let’s not be too picky here. We’ll take Jacuzzis over cowbells any day.

[Images courtesy of Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance; h/t Yatzer]