Madrid Launches 2020 Olympic Bid And Gets Gored For Laughable Logo

Wait, does that say “20020”?! Design FAAIL!

Madrid Launches 2020 Olympic Bid And Gets Gored For Laughable Logo

You think the London Olympics logo is bad? Pshaw. Check out what Madrid dug out of the ugly bag:


The logo was unveiled earlier this week to launch Madrid’s bid for the 2020 Olympics. One little problem: The bizarre, looping numbers make it look like the city is vying for the 20020 Olympics.

The Telegraph reports that “20020” is actually meant to represent the letter M for Madrid next to the number 20. (Fooled us!) As for the egg-shaped color blocks in the background: They’re supposed to be the Olympic rings tweaked to resemble the arches of the Puerta de Alcala, a neoclassical monument in Madrid. A nice touch, we guess. But even that got botched. The Olympic rings are blue, yellow, green, red, and black. These are blue, yellow, green, red, and, pink. No idea why.

Spaniards mocked the logo swiftly and savagely, with people on Twitter comparing it to everything from flip-flops to bishop mitres. The country’s largest daily newspaper polled readers on how much they liked the new logo. More than 80% said “not at all.”

The logo was selected in a design competition and created by a 22-year-old graphic arts student named Luis Peiret. As the story goes, his original design plainly said “M20,” but meddlesome officials came along and lobbed off the logo’s bottom edge, leaving the design disastre we see today.

Admittedly, these “pick me, pick me!” logos are never terribly good. (Remember Paris’s finger painting of a wordmark for 2012? No wonder London won the bid.) But c’mon. It’s not too much to ask that cities convey the correct year of the Games they want to host.

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