Vases That Look Like Graphic Art, Suspended In Mid-Air

The papercraft we’ve featured should come with “Do Not Handle” signs: They’re delicate objects showcasing extreme attention to detail in a material that’s highly degradable. But Torafu Architects‘ paper containers are different; they’re interactive sculptures, flat disks that can be pulled and molded into three-dimensional shapes.

As the video shows, the so-called Air containers gain tension and strength when expanded–you can bounce them off a tabletop if you’re so inclined–belying their thin, barely there structure. The Escher-esque cube pattern, designed for Cinna, is colored red on one side and green and brown on the other. Torafu produced the gradation pattern exclusively for Ligne Roset, with simple colored stripes that, according to the architects, “merge in unexpected directions, evoking an intricate and ever-changing expression.”

Don’t think of these as vases in the traditional sense (they can’t hold much more than a few paper flowers) but as fun novelties, toys to hand off to guests while you’re in the kitchen mixing drinks.

[Photos by Fuminari Yoshitsugu]BL