A Low-Tech Machine That Cranks Out Today’s Biggest Design Trend: Facets

They may look machine-made, but the faceted objects in Phil Cuttance’s Faceture series are crafted by hand.

The London-based designer Phil Cuttance has assembled a low-tech mobile workshop for cranking out housewares with crisp, faceted forms. The Faceture series consists of vases, pendant shades, and a table–each one uniquely made by hand.


Here’s the step-by-step: Cuttance first scores a piece of plastic with triangular facets that he folds into a mold. He then coats the form with a water-based resin by rotating it on a casting jig. Once set, he uses a different colored resin for the interior of the vessel. When the plastic mold is peeled away, the final product displays sharp, accurate lines and a digital quality that belies Cuttance’s handcrafted process.

The vases come in two sizes, each numbered on the base. Standard colors are charcoal, blue, yellow, pink, and white, though custom colors are available. Contact the designer directly here for pricing.

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Belinda Lanks is the editorial director of Co.Design. Before joining, she was the managing editor of Metropolis.