• 02.07.12

The Challenger Explosion, Rendered In Cauliflower

We can’t decide: Is this distasteful or just tasty?

The Challenger Explosion, Rendered In Cauliflower

Oh, look, someone’s gone and arranged raw vegetables in the shape of famous explosions. This is either the best or the worst thing ever. Worst because it sort of makes light of horrible moments in history–Nagasaki, the Challenger disaster, the Hindenburg. Best because, well, damned my eyes if that doesn’t look exactly like the Hindenburg.


The photographer is Brock Davis, a Minneapolis-based art director who likes to play with his food on the side (shhh, don’t tell mom). On his Flickr page, you’ll find a menu of edible hacks from a circuit-filled Twinkie to a coffee-cup sleeve tailored like a fine coat to a circular arrangement of Rice Krispies aptly called Rice Krispyhenge.

Davis raids the local supermarket as one might an art-supply store. For the cauliflower series, it was “just your basic grocery store bin cauliflower heads,” he tells Co.Design. “I definitely have arranged them to look a bit more bizarre than the typical cauliflower head. All the pieces are left in their natural state, just held together with skewers and arranged to create the look of the original explosions.” With the exception of the Hindenburg: “That one I carved with an X-acto knife and a toothpick to get the blimp shape,” he says. Good to know there’s something to do with cauliflower besides hiding it in a napkin.


Davis plans to sell the photos in a series of limited-edition prints. Check his website for updates.

[Images courtesy of Brock Davis; hat tip to Kottke]

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