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A Swedish Design Studio Turns Office Supplies Into Found Art

Kontor Kontur issues color-themed posters of everyday objects.

A Swedish Design Studio Turns Office Supplies Into Found Art

Considered arrangements of everyday objects can be artful studies of form. Just look at the work of Ikea photog Carl Kleiner, whose kitchenware compositions made cheap crockery look as enticing as Wedgewood china. Along those lines, the Swedish design trio Kontor Kontur gathered up assorted objects from around their studio—primarily office supplies—and arranged them into charming displays of color. What is it with the Swedes and their talent for turning knickknacks into art?

"We used things we found around us in our everyday life, a mishmash of ordinary but beautiful things that describe the craftsmanship behind graphic and office work," the studio tells Co.Design. The result: the Still Life series, eight, color-themed posters that serve as Kontor Kontur’s visual identity. A version featuring all the colors is available for about $24 on the designers’ website; contact them directly at for more information.