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Kanye West's New Video Will Give You Eye Blisters, Seizures

Kanye West’s ego could only grow bigger if there were two of him. Lucky for Kanye, the magic of technology has given him just that power in his new video for "Ni**as In Paris":

Kanye’s people are telling us that Kanye himself directed this thing, which is admittedly awesome to watch. It feels like taking a bunch of magic mushrooms and crashing a fashion-week party populated by either supermodels or transvestites. That’s a good thing! (According to our sources.)

But we’re also thinking that under Kanye’s logic of definition "directing," he also "invented" the Internet. We have a hunch who might be the brains of the operation. You’ll notice that this kaleidoscopic aesthetic seems pretty close to that of "Power," which was conceived by artist Marco Brambilla:

Click here for our blow-by-blow account of that video’s creation, with the artist himself. Meaning Brambilla, not Kanye.