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Case Logic's New Earbuds Out-Apple Apple

Let's hope they sound as good as they look.

Case Logic's New Earbuds Out-Apple Apple

It almost goes without saying that designer Andrea Ponti’s new series of in-ear headphones look fantastic. The AG++ (Type Z, Type R, and Type R Mini) are made of aluminum and designed for the iPhone, complete with a mic and Apple-compatible remote so that you can control playback and volume, and answer calls all without digging in your pockets.

We love the way these are a departure from the white plastic Apple earbuds while maintaining the functionality of the iconic headphones. If anything, the silver aluminum Type R Minis are more iPhone-y than the classic design.

We particularly love the loop design. Ponti says they serve a few "micro-functions." First, they make it easier to put the earphones in and take them out. Second, the loops keep the cables in the right position and space them out from the wearer’s face and cheeks. "But finally, good looking is stronger than hidden functions," she says, "I got inspiration from ladies jewelry too."

Buy them here for $35.

[via Design Milk.]