Photographer Stages Death Of Disney Damsels, From Snow White To Cinderella

Magic Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Not Snow White, that’s for sure. Nor Cinderella. Nor any of the other pneumatic fairy-tale heroines who swan about a little girl’s dreams.

That’s because they’re dead.

Thomas Czarnecki killed them. More precisely, the Paris-based photographer staged their deaths in a series of gruesome crime scenes with more than a whiff of sexual violence in the air. There’s Belle face down on a couch, her golden ball gown hiked up around her hips. There’s Sleeping Beauty splayed on a dirty mattress. There’s Alice in Wonderland tied up in a chair with a dead white rabbit at her feet. This stuff makes the Brothers Grimm stories look like Little Golden Books.

The idea, Czarnecki says, is to “create something of clash and culture shock between on one side the naive universe and the innocence of the fairy tales … [and] a much darker reality that is as much a part of our common culture and which is provided to us incessantly through the imagery broadcast through TV, cinema” and other media. In other words, Sleeping Beauty meets The Big Sleep.

[Images courtesy of Thomas Czarnecki]SL