A Spider Web Spun With 12.5 Miles Of Yarn

Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota has been called a real-life spider woman for spinning black yarn into huge, furious webs that entangle pianos, dolls’ dresses, and sometimes entire rooms. But that doesn’t quite capture the extent of her skill. Shiota makes Peter Parker look like an amateur.

Another installation on view now in Germany.

For her latest installation, she covered an 860-square-foot room at the Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris in 66,000 feet of black wool thread–that’s a mind-blowing 12.5 miles, more the distance up Mt. Everest and back. She completed Infinity in just three days, a spokesman for Galerie Daniel Templon tells us. Okay, she did have an assistant. But when you watch how agilely she works the yarn here, you wonder if she even needed help:

Infinity runs through February 18. More info here.