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Simple Genius

Finally, A Key Ring That Won't Kill Your Fingertips

Free Key is a cinch to crack open—and it won't break your nails.

Finally, A Key Ring That Won't Kill Your Fingertips

Key rings are a great example of terrible everyday design. If you have nails, you’ll break one trying to pry open the metal. If you don’t have nails, you’ll throw your keys across the room in a rage after the umpteenth ill-fated attempt to jab your fat fingers in there. Yet, we continue fumbling idiotically with these things, because no one has invented anything better, until now.

Free Key, the "The Press-To-Open Key Ring" by Swedish designer Eric von Schoultz, is exactly as the tagline suggests: a key ring that pops open with a little pinch. The ring has three layers, the center one of which dips down slightly. That acts like a button, giving you leverage to crack the thing wide open by squeezing or pressing it with your fingers.

Free Key retails for 8 Euros (about $11). Now if someone could just invent a solution to another pesky key problem: constantly losing them.

[Images via Free Key; h/t Notcot]