No Joke: Hyper-Chic Vases Made From Bathroom Countertops

Here’s a set of vases cut from Silestone slab, a material that should be familiar to anyone who has remodeled a home (or just tunes into Extreme Makeover Home Edition religiously): It’s a quartz composite used to make kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Not the world’s sexiest stuff. But the Swedish design studio Form Us With Love wanted to “break away from the familiar Silestone slab form and explore the material’s tactile dimension” so they worked with the Spanish manufacturer Cosentino to shape the material into something that’d look every bit as good on top of your kitchen counter.

The vases are made by slipping watertight, precision-cut Silestone rings over a 16-inch metal bracket. The rings come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, and can be variously assembled to give each vase a fresh form. Add some orchids, and voila, you have yourself a lovely, floral sculpture. Don’t like flowers? We suppose you could always use the vase to hold toothbrushes.

[Images via Form Us With Love]