• 02.14.12

Everything Goes With Jell-O, Including Modern Design

These pics look like beautiful prisms mixed with lovely lamp designs, dreamed up in Photoshop. But it’s just Jell-O (and lovely lamps).

Jell-O is seriously underrated, and I’m not talking about the flavor or the nutritional merits that, if my college experience was any indication, usually wind up all over a dorm bathroom’s wall. I’m talking about the aesthetics of Jell-O. The way it moves and bends light with the distorted transparency of a swimming pool: It’s otherworldly. It was only natural that someone would want to turn it into art. (Make that good art.)


The job fell recently to Fabrice Fouillet and Le Creative Sweatshop. The French designers cast modernist lamps in big blocky chunks of Jell-O to create sculptures that play all sorts of sublime light tricks and look pretty tasty, to boot.

Le Creative Sweatshop’s Mathieu Missiaen tells us they made the sculptures by building molds around light fixtures, then adding hot water, pork-based gelatin, and ink. After the Jell-O set, they removed the mold, leaving the bold, geometric forms you see here. All told, they blew through 150 liters of Jell-O–the equivalent of about 40 gallons of milk. “We have some left over if you want it,” Missiaen offers.

Thanks, but I’ll stick to the eye candy.

[Images courtesy of Le Creative Sweatshop; h/t It’s Nice That]

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