4 Vases Reduced To Their Barest Essentials

Weight Vases, a set of concrete vessels by the Bangkok-born designer Decha Archjananun, began as an investigation: What’s a vase, and how does it work?

The answer is less obvious than you’d think. Typically, we define a vase as a single hollow cylinder, or some variation thereof, that buttresses a family of stems from top to bottom. But as Archjananun discovered, a vase actually has two separate elements, and each functions differently. There’s a lip that secures the stems where they need the most reinforcement, near the top, and a base that holds water and stabilizes the vessel.

Based on that insight, Archjananun stripped away everything in between. The resulting vases are paragons of minimalism: They have cast concrete bases crowned by industrial wire frames that offer just enough support–and nothing more–to keep your bouquet from toppling over.

The vases come in four sizes and can be purchased through the French distributor Specimen. Contact the company for price and availability. And for more Co.Design coverage of cool vases, go here.

[Images via Specimen]