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The Next Generation Of Music Video: An Interactive Sound Visualizer

Taking a cue from Bjork’s playbook, the band Mathon commissions an app that visualizes their music.

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When it came time to release their new album, Terrestre, the band Mathon approached the interactive designers at Futura Epsis 1 to collaborate. "We wanted to create the next version of music videos," says Andreas Rothaug, Head of Development at FE1. The result of that collaboration is GRID, an interactive sound visualizer.

You may be wondering how a sound visualizer could be the "next version" of anything. What’s interesting about GRID is that it’s a networked multitouch sound visualizer. You download the visualizer for your Mac, Linux, or Windows machine and then you download an app for an iOS device. Using the iThing, you can connect to and control the PC’s display, changing perspective and swiping between scenes. "The surreal atmosphere and the natural user interface create an intense symbiosis between audio and video making the installation a true experience for multiple senses," says Rothaug.

The whole setup is available for free, and comes bundled with a sample track from Mathon’s album. If you get a chance, you can catch Mathon in concert, where they use this same set of tools to create visuals, live on stage.