Usher The Beach Into Your Living Room With Splashy Furniture Set

Hate winter? We do, too! So here’s a way to trick our brains into thinking it’s July year-round: a furniture collection that’s so colorful and cheery, you’ll feel like you just dragged the beach into your living room (only, happily, without the sand).

The debut work of Colonel, a French design studio, takes its visual cues from portable outdoor furniture–the assorted loungers, sunshades, and other colorful accessories that dot seashores and camping sites whenever warm weather rolls in. There’s a floor lamp inspired by beach umbrellas and a wildly patterned, fabric-covered chair that resembles something you’d fold out by the pool. There’s also a striped pendant lamp made from the seats of ‘60s-era camping chairs that a kid could easily mistake for a beach ball.

Colonel’s Isabelle Gilles and Yann Poncelet alit on the idea for a new design studio over vermouth and lime drinks. No wonder their first furniture set has the refreshing kick of an iced cocktail. Suddenly we feel very thirsty. And pasty. Dammit, summer, get here already.

[Images courtesy of Colonel; h/t to Design Milk]SL