A Solar Company’s Amazing Infographics Are Powered By The Sun

Austria Solar‘s 2011 annual report ships in a foil package. Open it indoors and you’ll find a tastefully embossed cover, followed by many blank pages. The magic happens when you expose it to the sun. Watch.

It’s an elegant expression of the constant radiating power of the sun and an eye-catching way for Austria’s pre-eminent solar trade association to associate themselves with innovative thinking.

The report is the creation of Serviceplan. According to Creative Director Cosimo Möller, the inspiration came while he was sitting on a terrace, putting together a briefing. “It was one of the last sunny days in October. The sun was shining on my notepad and was reflected so intensely that I wasn’t able to read my words anymore,” he says. “So the idea was born: Does it work the other way round?”

With the right kind of inks, yes it does.