Stunning Music Video Turns Models Into Fiery Collages

Maybe it’s because of the organic perfection of design. Maybe it’s just because we’re human and narcissistic. But the human form has proven to be an artistic subject without limitation.

The Day the World Went Away is a short music video by director Pierre Debusschere and visual effects artist Pascal Oberlin of studio 254forest. And just as you thought that body paint, strobe lights, flames, and silhouettes had been overplayed, the video reconsiders each aesthetic to capture humans as digital projections. Each model becomes a visual dichotomy, like holograms built of flesh, with a dynamic layer of depth and color shining through their skin and clothing that ultimately hints at the inner universe (or “fire”) of us all.

The idea should be gaudy and too obvious. Instead, it’s beautiful and entrancing.

Director Debusschere created the work by filming each model in a giant lightbox set up in their new Brussels studio. The only practical effect you see is that of a strobe light on the set. All of the video projections–the fire and embers–were added in post-production by Oberlin.

“The inspiration behind this shoot is the world we live in, NOW,” Debusschere writes us. He could probably say the same thing about all art. But as I really enjoyed this video, I’ll give it to him without question.

[Hat tip: Trendland]