That’s One Hard Maze: Nine Floors And Made Of Glass

I like my mazes confined to a newspaper, but for those of you who prefer more visceral thrills, consider this wacky proposal by the British designer/futurist Phil Pauley: It’s a nine-story glass cube that’s given over, floor to ceiling, to a giant, human labyrinth. Per the press release:

Each of the nine levels represents the complexity of an equivalent single level maze. Stairs and ramp ways may offer assurance but sometimes you will have to go back down a floor or two to reach the higher levels!

The cube would be constructed entirely out of 100% recycled flexible glass-based polymer, so you’d be able to see through walls, floors, ceilings–the whole thing. All of which is supposed to add to “the excitement of the experience” and “challenge your conventional perception and push the boundaries of reality in real-time.” And no doubt lurch your brain into a grand mal seizure. Imagine what an Apple store might look like if it collided with a hall of mirrors, and you’re there.

Pauley is looking for a partner to make the Cubed Maze3 a reality. Got any leads? Holler at him here.

[Images courtesy of Phil Pauley]SL