A $1 Million Staircase Snakes Through A Building’s Every Cranny

This staircase looks like it shouldn’t fit, as if it’s a puzzle piece that’s been crammed too hard into a mismatching pair.

By Architects of Invention, the staircase is a large part of a $1 million, three-month renovation of the National Olympic Committee House of Tbilisi, Georgia. Constructed from a steel base with fiberboard panels, finished with various patterns of maple veneer, the firm describes the effect as “extroverted.” To create the expanses of open air that accentuate its tight coiling, the staircase was reinforced in the basement, allowing many walls above to be knocked down.

The intended effect was to build “the open path to Olympus, where the summit meets its own reflection, inferring that striving never ends, that there is no limit to human achievement.” While I don’t see any Greek gods to speak of, I do spot a giant wooden snake, peacefully slithering its way through expansive nooks and crannies, more than a little content to stay a while.

[Hat tip: Dezeen]MW