• 03.01.12

Powerful Greenpeace Ads Pit David Vs. Huge Pollution Monsters

Sadly, it looks like David might lose this time around.

If a fast food chain once owned in part by McDonald’s can make us cry, then maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that a new campaign by Greenpeace–a well-intentioned group that can come off as both abrasive and extremist–can simply kick us in the gut with imagery.


Because when I look at these new ads by DraftFCB Switzerland, I don’t think about the mixed environmental implications of, say, Greenpeace rejecting all nuclear energy technology. In the gothic-industrial ink line drawings, I can only consider what Man has done wrong: built an infrastructure that is bigger and more devastating than he can control. And at least for a moment, I can’t find a single reason to disagree with their worldview.

But why are they so powerful? I can’t help but wonder if Greenpeace’s messaging was more honest than they intended, conveying that in the face of the global machine, the environmental movement finds itself hopelessly outgunned. We see, not a scrappy underdog fight, but an unavoidable slaughter in the making.

David never looked so small.

[Hat tip: Copyranter]

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