With Mirrors And LEDs, Yayoi Kusama Offers A Taste Of The Infinite

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama–who has notably lived in a psychiatric institution for the last four decades–has been obsessed with dots and infinity for her entire career, an inspiration she attributes directly to her hallucinations. Despite her plays on the motif in the past, it makes her latest work no less striking.

As part of a new, best-of retrospective going on now at Tate Modern, Kusama’s latest and largest Infinity Room to date, titled Filled with the Brilliance of Life, may steal the show with sheer luminosity. She uses hundreds of LEDs to create what looks like an endless evening of multi-chromatic fireflies, or a galaxy full of Christmas lights, or a blizzard of glowing snow over a city of skyscrapers. As simple as the effect may be–just mirrors and lights–the photos alone are a hypnotic, ephemeral tease of infinity.

The other 13 rooms worth of Kusama’s works on display include sculptures, paintings, and videos from the 1960s to today. Indeed, it starts with her very first room installation from 1963, Aggregation: One Thousand Boats Show, and includes some of her latest work created in 2011, like the latest Infinity Room.

The exhibit lasts until June 5th of this year. The lights go on forever.