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The Week That Was: "Yo Momma Is So Fat She Thought RGB Was A Sandwich"

Marketers go gaga for Jeremy Lin’s "universal appeal," we go gaga for an interactive grizzly bear, and Ross Moody tells graphic design-themed yo momma jokes that, miraculously, don’t totally suck. It’s Co.Design’s top stories of the week.

The Week That Was: "Yo Momma Is So Fat She Thought RGB Was A Sandwich"

Jeremy Lin’s Most Marketable Magic: He’s All Things, To All People: "The fact that Jeremy has so many facets is a tremendous plus for him. The more relatable that he is, the better for the brand over time."

Bear71: A New Type Of iPad Documentary Powered By Infographics: "Pairing a linear story with a non-linear environment was a huge challenge with a result that couldn’t be fully anticipated until the whole environment was built, and at that point we knew significant change would be impossible."

Up Close With Feltron’s Latest Annual Report: The designer of Facebook Timeline charts two years of his life in an astonishing set of infographics. We love Bloody Marys, too!

Yo Momma Jokes For Graphic Designers: "Yo momma is so fat she thought RGB was a sandwich." Burn!

Facebook Bullies Artist Into Shuttering Satire Of FB Privacy Policy: Cue sarcastic clap.

"iKill" Infographic Charts The Human Cost Of The iPhone: "The average Apple plant worker would have to do three months of work just to afford an iPhone."

How The Kindle Stomped Sony, Or, Why Good Solutions Beat Great Products: "Amazon created conditions in the ecosystem that made joining the long-awaited e-book revolution a more attractive proposition for publishers than any previous attempt."

Design’s Next Frontier: Nudging Consumers Into Making Better Life Choices: "Reason, it turns out, is highly susceptible to bias."

Even Better Than iPhone 5: An iPhone With The 1986 Mac OS: "To be honest I don’t really know why it looks so good. Maybe it is because it just looks so clean and simple."

The Magnificent Map Of Rap Names Charts Jazzy Jay To Z: Jyeah.

[Top Image: Mike Ehrmann/Getty]