Pixar Characters, Reduced To Their Essence In Simple, Tender Logos

Wall-E. Woody. Any of the Incredibles. Most of us would call Pixar’s chracters “iconic,” but how do they fare as what’s essentially a bunch of icons? As it turns out, they fare remarkably well.

Designer Wonchan Lee has reinterpreted Pixar’s films as two-color, minimalist posters, and the characters are just as charming as ever. Yet despite their simplicity, Lee said that finding the balance between Pixar’s voice and his own vision was difficult. “The whole process had to be carried out thoughtfully so that it still conveyed the characteristics of each movie in its simplest form while maintaining originality,” he told Co.Design. “I can still vividly picture the story of Carl and Ellie from Up; how they met, loved, got married, and how Carl had to let her go.”

But it’s not just a series of clever posters; you can actually learn something from Lee’s redesigns. Interestingly enough, half of his works are solely of the characters’ eyes, each of which are distinguished enough to identify the character and movie they’re from without checking the label.

That’s a bit remarkable, no? Granted, eyes are the windows to the soul, etc., but I can’t imagine identifying my friends and family members–or even cartoon characters like Woody Woodpecker to Ariel–with no other visual cue than a thin slice of their eyes, and now I find myself suspecting that eyes are the entire secret to Pixar’s absurdly lovable, memorable protagonists.

If you’re interested in picking up a Pixar minimal poster of your own, small prints are available for $25.

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[Hat tip: Design Taxi]