Watch The Making Of The World’s Smallest Music Venue

This is Folk In A Box, a pop-up concert hall that’s being billed as the smallest music venue in the UK and possibly the world. It seats precisely one musician and one audience member, which about replicates the performer-spectator ratio the last time Rick Springfield toured. Here’s the making-of video:

The box was developed by architect Cristina Monteiro. It stands just 8 feet by 4 feet by 6 feet–about the size of a Smart car. Crafted out of wood, it was designed to travel. Earlier incarnations featured live shows at the Tate Britain, the Royal Festival Hall, and Battersea Arts Centre, among other locations.

The new box includes a stage door that doubles as a bar (holla’!) and was made to be easier to assemble and dismantle than previous versions. It’ll join a folk musical collective on a tour of the UK later this year.

The view from inside the box.

[Images courtesy of Cristina Monteiro; read more at Frame]