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Portlandia Is Real: These Mini Flowerpots Attach To Your Bike

Working out of her Atlanta studio, Colleen Jordan makes wearable flowerpots to order.

Portlandia Is Real: These Mini Flowerpots Attach To Your Bike

I’ve come this close to buying hand-sewn bird throw pillows and entertained the idea of making cat-scratching posts and selling them on Etsy. Am I a character straight out of the IFC series Portlandia? Not exactly, but those leanings—and a willingness to poke fun at them—make me (and pretty much everyone we know) appreciate the show all the more. So it’s with a smidgeon of irony that I give you the Bike Planter, which is exactly as it sounds: a planter you fasten to your ride (preferably a fixie).

The Atlanta-based designer Colleen Jordan got the idea for the planters from the flower pots in the new generation of Volkswagen Beetles. "Putting a plant in a car like that seemed to be contradictory," she tells Co.Design. "A lot of cyclists seem to be plant lovers as well, so the combination just seemed right in my mind." So she began offering made-to-order 3-D printed vessels that attach to a bike frame with an elastic cord. Jordan recommends using a clipping from a succulent or a large air plant. Since they’re made from polyamide, a porous material, excess water drains out of the bottom. Display one with Portlandia pride!

Bike planter is available in an array of colors for $45 on Etsy.