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Tom Dixon's New Lamp Throws A Magical Matrix Of Shadows

The elaborate pattern—made up of 60 irregular pentagons—casts angular shadows when lit.

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Tom Dixon loves a shiny metal pendant. The British designer has made them in all kinds of shapes—from the teardrop to the pill—but none is as eye-catching as his Etch Web: a faceted, open-structure globe that has the fine intricacy of a spider web and the geometric symmetry of a buckyball.

The detailed pattern, consisting of 60 irregular pentagons, is achieved with an acid-etching process similar to that used in manufacturing circuit boards. Despite its size (26 inches), the aluminum shade—made with an acid-etching process similar to that used to manufacture circuit boards—weighs just a little over two pounds. It’s not for sale quite yet, but we’ll let you know when it is.