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Next Design

10,500 More Reasons To Enter Our Next Design Challenge

Because we love you, we’ve managed to shake loose some extra funds to reward your creativity. But don’t forget: The deadline is April 6th.

10,500 More Reasons To Enter Our Next Design Challenge

I’m happy to announce that after much cajoling, I’ve convinced the Powers That Be to offer a sweetener for entrants in our Next Design Challenge sponsored by Porsche: Each of our seven finalists will receive $1,500. And that’s on top of being featured on our site, as well as the grand prize: a one-year lease on a Porsche 911, or the cash equivalent of $20,000.

If you don’t know about the challenge already, it’s not too late to get cracking. The task is simply to design any object—any object—inspired by the iconic details of the Porsche 911. It can’t be a car, and it has to be smaller than a living room but larger than a wallet. Beyond that, it’s up to you to dream up something great.

The two primary judges of your work are top-tier talents: Dror Benshetrit, who has created products for everyone from Tumi to Target, and Jens Martin Skibsted, the designer behind Puma’s superb line of city bikes and something of a Porsche fanatic. (The third judge will be yours truly.)

To learn more about the contest, click here. To get inspired by a slideshow of Porsche 911's from the past and present, click here.

Don’t forget: The deadline is April 6th. You’ve still got time to get started!