Olympics Shooting Gallery Looks Like A Giant Octopus

This takes the gold for the wackiest venue of the 2012 Olympics: It’s a temporary shooting gallery with red-and-blue polka dots piercing a facade of nearly 200,000 square feet of PVC membrane. So either the place was blasted by the world’s silliest M60 or a giant octopus has invaded London. We quite like the latter explanation.

According to Olympics press materials, the octopus tentacles/silly gunshot holes actually have a practical purpose (beyond being a welcome reprieve from the boredom of watching skeet-shooting): to usher natural ventilation and sunlight indoors.

The venue was designed by Berlin-based Magma Architecture. It’ll host various Olympic and Paralympic shooting events in addition to archery. After the Games, it will be dismantled… and hopefully recycled into something else? Surely, someone has a use for red-white-and-blue bullet holes.

[Images by J.L. Diehl]SL