Snow Angels 2.0: Powered By LEDs And Motion Sensors

Most of us remember flopping into the snow as children, waving our arms and legs to make snow angels, and then, ever so carefully, standing up heels-first to preserve the integrity of our frozen imprint.

Ice Angel, by Dominic Harris of Cinimod Studio, is a similar idea, but with a splash of the transcendental. It’s an art installation that uses a 3-D camera to track users on its podium. As someone lifts their arms, they grow a unique pair of glowing wings that emanate from a grid of pure white LEDs.

Whether you believe in angels or not, the images it creates are powerful. “Ice Angel is not about religion–my interest was more in the merging of the mythology of angels and the natural phenomenon of light traveling to Earth creates an intriguing intersection. In modern terms, light is our messenger …” Harris writes Co.Design.

He sees angels less as proof of deities than as carriers of the most important information in the universe, or a parallel to light in our technological society. After all, light carries information ranging from stars that live on the other side of the galaxy to emails from your aunt in Florida.

But Ice Angel touches on even larger ideas than modern information sharing–it kicks you in the gut with a timeless permanence.

The use of black and white brings to mind the balance of good and evil (or hope and hopelessness, or any other binary good/bad relationship that you can think of), and when wings spout like magic from someone interacting with the piece, it seems to imply, through inevitably non-secular chroma, that there’s a little bit of hidden good in all of us.

[Hat tip: Creative Applications]MW